It was a perfect Sunday for the Buffalo Bills, as the team kicked off the season and the Rex Ryan era with a surprising 27-14 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

But one fan's trip to Ralph Wilson Stadium was marred by a head-on collision with a bus. Don't worry, the bus was an innocent bystander. 

As we saw in a clip that is quickly going viral this morning, the "accident" involved a tailgate drinking game known as Dizzy Bat.

In this game, you guzzle a full beer out of the end of a wiffle-ball bat. Then, you bend over and spin around a few times with your head on the end of the bat. 

Then, someone tosses the empty can and you try to hit it. 

For this fan though, that dizzying set of requirements left him staggering head-on into a parked bus. 

In 2014, an author who wrote a book about his trips to all 32 NFL stadiums rated Bills fans as the drunkest that he had encountered.

Watch the clip below. 

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