The campus of Delta State University in northern Mississippi was placed on lockdown earlier today when a professor was shot dead in his office. 

There was word of an active shooter on campus for hours, but now police believe the suspect, a fellow professor at the school, left the campus. 

The suspect, Shannon Lamb, 45, shot his wife in Gautier before driving to Delta State Monday morning. 

Though police believed at one point that the killings were related to a love triangle, they later said there was not a relationship between the victims.

The gunman was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

'I Shot My Wife Last Night': Hear Delta State Killer's Chilling 911 Call

Follow the latest updates below:

UPDATE, 3:54p ET: Therese Apel of the Clarion-Ledger told Shepard Smith that authorities have located a green SUV on the Delta State University campus that they believe belongs to suspect Shannon Lamb.

Apel said that police are not sure if that means that Lamb changed vehicles or if he is on foot.

UPDATE, 3:10p ET: The suspect has been named as Shannon Lamb, 45, who is also a professor at Delta State University.

Lamb reportedly called police to notify them about the murder of a woman in Gautier.

The photo below shows the slain professor.

UPDATE, 2:30p ET: Authorities now say they do not believe the shooter is still on campus.

UPDATE, 2:00p ET: The victim has been identified as American history professor Ethan A. Schmidt. He was shot in his office in Jobe Hall.

Therese Apel of the Clarion-Ledger spoke to Gretchen Carlson moments ago, saying there have been no hostages taken. She said police believe the shooter is in a building on campus.

Apel said police are looking into whether a second shooting in Gautier is related to the attack on campus. A woman was shot dead in a home and police said the suspect is an employee of the university.

UPDATE, 1:10p ET: The campus remains on lockdown as police search for the gunman.

Delta State University has confirmed that one person is dead in a shooting. 

People on the northern Mississippi campus were instructed to stay indoors and away from windows in what is being called an active shooter situation.

Reports indicate that a professor was the victim. 

Delta State, located in Cleveland, Mississippi, has about 4,000 students. Cleveland is located 38 miles northeast of Greenville, near the Arkansas border.