Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity tonight that Hillary Clinton has bigger problems than her plunging poll numbers.

"Hillary needs a really good criminal lawyer. She's in serious jeopardy," Giuliani said, explaining that the scandal surrounding Clinton's private email and server could result in multiple criminal charges against the former secretary of state.

Giuliani pointed to reports that Clinton's server had not been wiped clean by the company she hired to maintain the server. He said that if investigators are able to recover any incriminating information, she could face very serious charges.

"She has given no coherent explanation," Giuliani stated. "She has given several contradictory explanations. And that's the worst possible thing you can do from a political point of view. From a legal point of view, all those things can be used against you if you ever end up being a defendant in court, as prior contradictory statements."

Watch more from "Hannity" above.

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