A heroic U.S. airman will receive the Purple Heart after helping to foil a terror attack on a train in France last month. 

According to the Air Force Times, Defense Secretary Ash Carter will preside over Thursday's ceremony for Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, who will also receive the Airman's Medal. 

The Airman's Medal is the U.S. Air Force's highest noncombat award.

Stone was stabbed during the Aug. 21 altercation with the gunman, who had an AK-47 and was about to attack passengers on a high-speed train going from Amsterdam to Paris. 

Stone was vacationing at the time with two friends, Army Spc. Alek Skarlatos of the Oregon National Guard and Anthony Sadler.

Earlier this year, a change in federal law allowed for Purple Hearts to be awarded to service members who are killed or wounded in terrorist attacks.

Stone, Skarlatos and Sadler sat down with Megyn Kelly on Friday night to rehash their heroic actions. 

And Stone was on "Fox and Friends" this morning, where he was asked what he would tell others about what to do in a dangerous situation like that. 

"If you see something like that, just do what you can. I would rather die trying to stop something like that than walk away and let everybody else get killed. I couldn't live with that. I'd rather die," he said. 

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