Donald Trump held a massive campaign rally at Dallas' American Airlines Center in front of an estimated 20,000 people, who gathered to show their support for the Republican presidential front-runner.

During his speech, Trump had some strong words for President Obama, calling the commander-in-chief "incompetent."

"We have a president who doesn't know what the hell he's doing," Trump said to raucous cheers.

Trump also called out the media for not giving his surging poll numbers enough attention and instead focusing on other candidates like Ben Carson.

"I'm at 40 [percent]. And it's actually 41, but they don't want to give me the benefit," Trump said. "If I'm 40.9, they'll say 40."

"So, Ben Carson, good guy, I think he's at 11 or 12. And here's the headline: 'Carson Surging.' What about me? Where's my name? I'm at 40. Where's my name?"

Watch more from Trump's rally above.

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