A new mother in North Carolina, who slipped into a coma after childbirth, woke up when she heard her newborn baby's cries.

Shelly Cawley, 23, had an emergency Caesarean section during which she went into coma without waking up for a week, making doctors nervous they would lose her.

As the situation was looking bleak, the nursing staff came up with an idea: Place her new baby Rylan on her chest.

With one cry from Rylan, Shelly opened her eyes and began her long journey back from the brink of death.

Shelly, her husband, Jeremy, and baby Rylan, who just turned one, joined Clayton Morris on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to share their incredible story.

"All I remember is right before I went into C-section, laying on the stretcher, and I was talking to the doctors and the nurses," Shelly said. "And I remember just crying and telling them I was scared that I wasn’t going to wake up afterwards. And it’s eerie to think about now because I didn’t know at the time what was going to happen."

She said she just had a sense that something was going to go wrong.

Jeremy explained that the hospital staff believed that Shelly's survival depended on her own willingness to fight. They suggested that hearing the baby cry could help her wake up. Incredibly, miraculously, it worked.

"It was that moment where Shelly began to fight for herself," Jeremy said. "It wasn’t like a miraculous wakeup right away. It was just kind of she started fighting and the machines and the medicine they were using were able to help."

Watch the moving "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.