Presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson said on "Media Buzz" that the Republican Party has an excellent opportunity in the 2016 election to reach out to the African American community and other communities that they have neglected in the past.

He said that many black people might be surprised to learn that the GOP was formed as an abolitionist party, worked hard to get gun rights for freedmen and pushed for civil rights and voting rights.

Carson said that Republicans can connect with African American communities by advocating hard work, self-reliance and mechanisms that actually help people remove themselves from poverty and dependency.

"For every person that we can keep from going down the wrong pathway, that's one more productive member of society, who may discover a new energy source or a cure for cancer."

Howard Kurtz also asked Carson about his faith and the importance of his belief in God.

"People who say that religion has nothing to do with their life probably don't know exactly what religion is," Carson said. "Just because you don't believe in God or Jesus doesn't mean that you don't have a religion."

He explained that religion impacts who you are as a person, how you think, how you relate to other people.

He said that's one reason it's so important to protect our country's freedom of religion.

Watch the "Media Buzz" interview in the clips above.

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