A paramedic is accused of sleeping on the job in Washington, D.C.

An ambulance was called to a D.C. homeless shelter yesterday morning for a man who had severe abdominal pain. The man’s friend, who rode along in the ambulance, shot cellphone footage of a paramedic sleeping on the way to the hospital. He claimed that his sick friend was “hollering” in pain, yet the paramedic “didn’t even bother to look at him.”

The man who recorded the incident admits that he didn’t try to wake up the paramedic.

“I didn't say anything to her at all," he told FOX 5. "I figure that's her job to do what she got to do, and she failed to do her job."

The man who spoke with FOX 5 also claimed that paramedics refused to help his sick friend get down the stairs to the ambulance in the first place, instead saying that the ailing man would have to walk on his own.

His sick friend remains hospitalized for appendix removal surgery.



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