A North Carolina police officer shared a feel-good update to an incident in which he and a suspect both could have lost their lives. 

Raleigh police officer JD Boyd wrote on Facebook that nearly a year ago, he and suspect Cory Sanders were involved in a major altercation.

Boyd said that Sanders attempted to stab him in the head during the confrontation, and Boyd almost shot him.

But Boyd has kept in touch with Sanders' family while Sanders has been in prison, and just last week, the two men reunited.

Almost a year ago this man and I were involved in a major altercation where he tried to stab me in the head and I nearly...

Posted by JD Boyd on Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This time around, Boyd and Sanders spoke for 15-20 minutes and even learned that they had attended the same high school.

"It's not worth the energy to stay mad," Boyd said on "Fox and Friends" this morning. "I found that he's changed his life, and he's doing great things for his family… it wasn’t personal that day and it wasn’t personal now.”

Sanders' girlfriend, Kendra Powell, wrote to Boyd on Facebook, "We are so grateful that God placed you in our path and [Sanders] was given a second chance. God has a purpose for his life. It was such a life changing experience cause it made us stronger... You were truly a God-sent angel!"

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