UPDATE: The man seen in the video above was later identified as Oscar De La Torre Munoz, 19. Police say he had bragged to friends that he was involved in the shootings. 

They're investigating whether his boasts were true. He is being held on a marijuana charge and is not believed to be a "prime suspect" at this point.

A man was being questioned Friday in connection with a string of shootings of vehicles along the I-10 highway near Phoenix. 

William La Jeunesse reported from the area on "Shepard Smith Reporting," emphasizing that there has not been an arrest.

Two people were initially detained after officers stopped a white SUV.

According to Fox Phoenix, a man was being questioned as a person of interest, while a woman in the SUV was released.

La Jeunesse said the man spoke to a Fox crew from the back of a police car. 

The man said after he bought some cigarettes and a drink and exited a store, police rammed into his SUV and slammed him to the ground.

He said his mother was in the car and police drew their guns on her. He said officers had not told him why he was being detained.

The shootings have been random, targeting trucks, cars, and a bus, and occurring in the day and at night.

Just yesterday, a female driver's back window was shattered by a BB gun. 

Out of the 11 confirmed shootings in the past 12 days, eight incidents involved bullets, while the others involved pellets or BB guns. 

It's also unclear whether the shooter or shooters are firing from a fixed position or operating from a moving vehicle. 

La Jeunesse explained that I-10 splits Phoenix in half and the shootings have occurred on or near an 8-mile stretch of road. 

A girl was cut by broken glass in one of the shootings, but there have been no serious injuries.

Watch his report above. Stay tuned to Fox News for the latest developments on this story.