New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recalled the tense hours of September 11, 2001, when his wife was missing in New York City. 

Christie explained that Mary Pat was working just a few blocks from the World Trade Center when the attacks occurred. 

On the day before the attack, Christie said he received a call from President Bush, who notified him that he'd be named U.S. Attorney for New Jersey. 

In light of that news, he decided to take a day off and bring his children - ages 8, 5, and 1 at the time - to school. 

When the planes hit the towers, Christie said he spoke to his wife, who told him that the workers would be evacuated to the basement. 

That began a frightening five-hour stretch where he could not reach his wife. During that time period, both towers had collapsed. 

"I was thinking what was I going to do if i had to raise three children on my own, what would I say to them about their mother? It was incredibly frightening. Five minutes before the kids were going to come off the school bus, she called me from a pay phone in Midtown, Manhattan, where she had walked with a  group of coworkers, when they eventually decided to leave the building," said Christie.

He said his wife then took a ferry from Manhattan to the Jersey shore, where he picked her up.

Christie said Mary Pat was soaking wet and wrapped in a blanket when she came off the boat. People in lower Manhattan were covered with dust and ash after the buildings collapsed and many had to be hosed down.   

"That was the first sight of my wife after having left her that morning. I just grabbed her, hugged her, got her in the car and got her home," he said. 

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