After her release from jail Tuesday afternoon, some in the mainstream media have been going after Kim Davis for her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

The Kentucky county clerk was criticized, along with her husband, Joe, and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who appeared alongside the family at a rally outside the jail.

Huckabee was accused of political grandstanding and "exploiting" the situation for political gain. 

Meantime on the "Dr. Drew" show, radio host Mike Catherwood joked that he would volunteer to go "kill her" and called Davis' husband a "creepy giant farmer." 

On "The View," new co-host Michelle Collins referred to Davis as a "bitch" and a "monster." 

Huckabee lamented on "The Kelly File" that media elites and "snobs" insult people that they don't know and don't understand.

"I'm more happy to stand with Kim and her husband than I am any of those snobs that look down their nose at her or at me. Let it be," said Huckabee, adding that people like Davis, who have deeply held religious beliefs, "are considered to be ignorant and backwoods."

Huckabee said when Davis returns to work on Monday, he expects that marriage licenses will still be issued without Davis' name on them. 

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