Greta Van Susteren said this afternoon both the White House and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are wrong when it comes to their responses to the Syrian refugee crisis. 

Walker said the U.S. shouldn't take in any more refugees, while the White House has now offered to take in 10,000 more.

Walker instead criticized the Obama administration for causing the crisis by failing to take on ISIS.  

Van Susteren said the United States has obligations to meet under the Geneva Conventions and that Walker seems to be "looking the other way."

And she said that the 10,000 number will make very little difference when there are more than 4 million displaced.

"To take 10,000? What is that going to do for the 4.1 million who are displaced? 366,000-plus and counting in Europe. We're being silly. We need to solve the problem," she said. 

Van Susteren highlighted an open letter to the president by Rev. Franklin Graham, with whom she visited a Syrian refugee camp in Iraq in 2013. 

He wrote that the world must come together to set up "safe zones" inside Syria so that these Syrian refugees don't have to leave in the first place. 


An Open Letter To President Barack ObamaDear Mr. President,With nearly 40 years of experience in international...

Posted by Franklin Graham on Thursday, September 10, 2015


Van Susteren called on leaders and journalists to go visit these refugee camps to get a true sense of what is going on. 

She said this is now a humanitarian "catastrophe" that must be dealt with, criticizing Republicans and Democrats for playing politics with the issue. 

Watch her analysis above.