Bryan Pagliano, the State Department staffer who set up Hillary Clinton's private email server, appeared before the House Select Benghazi Committee today where he invoked his Fifth Amendment right and refused to answer lawmakers' questions.

Jay Sekulow, with the American Center for Law and Justice, said that Pagliano is afraid that any statements he makes could be used in a criminal proceeding against him.

He said that the Senate should offer Pagliano immunity and get him to testify.

Tamara Holder argued this is not within the scope of "legitimate inquiry" and asserted that this is merely a right-wing "witch hunt" going after Clinton.

"Do you really think it's a 'witch hunt' to ask the guy in charge of the server what happened?" Sekulow asked. "Congress has the right to know why that server was set up, how it was set up, what material it contained."

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