A California couple stole the hearts of millions after their sweet airport reunion was caught on camera.

A video originally posted to Facebook shows 80-year-old Air Force veteran Bernie Mills holding flowers and chocolate as he waited for his 75-year-old wife, Carol, at Los Angeles International Airport. The adorable couple embraced when she arrived.

Bernie and Carol explained this morning on “Fox and Friends” how they met on eHarmony after both of them lost their spouses of about 50 years. They married each other in 2010.

Carol said that she was on the East Coast for a wedding, which Bernie couldn’t attend because he recently had surgery. They were apart for two weeks – the longest they’ve been separated since they wed.

Bernie said it’s important to show your spouse how much you care.

“We get so far apart during our daily lives, but you’ve got to remember that that little kiss in the kitchen or that little kiss as you’re passing by relays the story that ‘hey, I still love you very much.’ And I think that’s a requirement,” he said.

Carol also had some advice for viewers.

“Respect your husband, just do things for him, just always remember why you fell in love and got married, and when you have disputes, just remember that because that’s what's really important,” she said.

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