Ed Henry reported the latest this afternoon from the Hillary Clinton campaign trail, where he said the former First Lady addressed a room of supporters that wasn't even half-full. 

At an event called "Women for Hillary" in Columbus, Ohio, Henry said it appeared that female Democrats there are "not that into" Clinton right now.

Henry said the indoor event was held just a few miles from Ohio State University, noting that President Obama's campaign rallies used to turn out huge crowds of college students. 

Meantime, a new Quinnipiac University poll shows Sen. Bernie Sanders actually in front of Clinton by one point in Iowa. 

Henry said even though the lead is within the margin of error, it represents a huge swing from months ago when no other candidate was even close to her in the key state.

Watch his report above, including on a former Clinton aide pleading the Fifth before the House Benghazi committee to avoid answering questions on her private email server.