A high-end gentleman’s barbershop in Pennsylvania has been slapped with a $750 fine for refusing to give a woman a haircut.

Barbiere owner John Interval was fined for gender discrimination after a woman came in with her boyfriend and requested a fade haircut. Interval claims that his staff recommended other locations and offered to pay for her haircut elsewhere.

According to Interval, his barbershop is a place where men go to be around other men. He referred to it as “a little getaway,” which features complimentary spirits and beer on tap.

Interval said that he didn’t consider this a “discrimination thing.” He said he’s not “opposed” to cutting women’s hair – just not in this particular shop.

“I wanna open up a shop to cater [to women], and then no men will be allowed there, and they’ll have all the champagne and mimosas they want,” he said.

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