Retired Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett, who was badly disfigured by an Iranian roadside bomb in Iraq in 2005, joined Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and others on Capitol Hill today to speak out against the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Bartlett explained to Megyn Kelly tonight that Iranian-made bombs like the one that injured him are still killing Americans and our allies in Afghanistan.

"That's our reality. That's what we're facing. That's who we're giving $150 billion to, so they can continue to spread their terrorism," Bartlett said. "They want to kill us, they're going to kill us, they're preaching it in their streets."

"America needs to take a look at my face and say, 'I don't need any more of my countrymen to look like Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett,'" he said, adding that he doesn't understand why there isn't more outrage about five Americans who are currently detained in Iran.

"I swore to fight for them, and I'm still fighting for them now. I haven't forgotten you. Don't lose hope. I'm here. America backs you," Bartlett said. "Don't give up. You're in a prison cell, and we understand that you're a prisoner of war. I'm here for you. We're praying for you. We're protecting you."

Watch the powerful, emotional interview above.

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