Sarah Palin shredded President Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran at a rally on Capitol Hill today, saying during her speech, "You don’t reward terrorism. You kill it."

Palin went "On The Record" tonight to react to the rally and the controversial nuke deal.

Palin pointed out that even those who worked on the deal, such as Secretary of State John Kerry, have acknowledged that there's no guarantee of any change in Iran's behavior.

"Out of the $150 billion we've freed up for them, there's no guarantee they won't use it for terrorism," Palin said.

She said that she - and most Americans - can't find a single good thing in the agreement.

Palin added that she's spoken to some senators who said that President Obama twisted arms behind the scenes to push the deal through, turning it into a partisan issue.

"You're either for Israel being put on the path to destruction. Or, you're not. It's not partisan," Palin stated. "Evidently, the president's really twisted arms."

Watch more above.

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