Europe's worsening migrant crisis is the result of the United States' interventionist foreign policy since 9/11, Ron Paul argued on Fox Business Network. 

The former Texas congressman and presidential candidate said both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for Syrian refugees seeking asylum across Europe.

Paul said this situation started with the "Assad must go" policy that led to civil war in Syria. He criticized some "neoconservatives" for arguing for even more intervention in Syria and Iraq.

"It's interventionism of Republicans and Democrats and neoconservatives still rule the roost. ... We have remade the Middle East [since 9/11], but I see no positives. We've created ISIS and al Qaeda. We support them. It's an utter mess. No wonder there are migrations," said Paul.

Charles Payne countered that the Middle East has always been a hotbed of turmoil and sectarian violence since the death of Muhammad. 

Paul said there have been periods in the Middle East where Christians, Jews and Muslims have lived peacefully together. 

He argued that chaos arises out of invasions by "outsiders," calling on a U.S. foreign policy rooted in "minding our business."

Paul also was asked to weigh in on the Kim Davis case in Kentucky, and he said it all stems from government overreach on the issue of marriage. 

"People who want to find a solution need to look to the libertarian philosophy. Believe me, there are a lot of answers there."

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