The "Red Eye" panel had some fun with a YouTube "comedian's" offensive take on obesity and fat-shaming.  

In a video that has been watched more than 17 million times, Nicole Arbour declared that there is no such thing as discrimination against fat people and praised fat-shaming as a "brilliant" idea to embarrass people into losing weight. 

Her commentary generated a flurry of criticism, and many took to YouTube with their own responses. 

Tom Shillue and fellow comedian Joe DeVito objected to the idea that people who post YouTube videos are now considered "comedians." 

"Get out to the clubs, kiss up to a sleazy club owner, become bitter and drink too much" if you want to be a real comedian, Tom said. 

DeVito said Arbour was doing an impression of a comedian, joking that maybe comedians need to be licensed, like plumbers.

"I'm not saying it wasn't funny because I'm offended. I'm saying it's not funny because it sucked. There were no jokes there. It failed to produce humor," he said. 

Watch the full discussion, and see Tom's own hilarious video response to Arbour above. 

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