A Georgia mother pleaded for help in a chilling 911 call as her two sons allegedly tried to kill her.

Yvonne Ervin told a 911 dispatcher Saturday that her sons attacked and drugged both her and her husband.

“My children are trying to kill me,” she said. “They’ve attacked me and my husband, they’ve drugged us with Xanax.”

Cops say that 22-year-old Christopher Ervin and 17-year-old Cameron Ervin repeatedly stabbed their father and badly beat their mother before trying to set their house on fire. The two sons were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and first-degree arson.

Authorities are looking into a motive for the brutal attack. The suspects’ mother said she believes her sons tried to kill them for insurance money.

An incident report reveals that Cameron Ervin said in a squad car, “I tried to kill my [expletive] parents, who does that?”

The two sons are not believed to have prior criminal records.

Luckily, their parents are expected to be OK.

Listen to the disturbing 911 call below, via CNN:

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