Dr. Ben Carson was asked on "The Kelly File" whether it could be a "slippery slope" to allow religious objections to issuing marriage licenses.

Carson, responding to the six-day jailing of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, said this situation was predictable after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all states. 

He called on Congress to enact a law that protects those who have objections based on their religious beliefs.

Megyn Kelly said critics argue that could be a slippery slope, asking whether Catholic clerks could then balk at issuing licenses to people who have been divorced or whether Muslim clerks could refuse to issue licenses to Christian couples. 

Carson emphasized that the United States is a Judeo-Christian nation and we're talking about a "very basic right."

"A lot of our values and principles are based on our Judeo-Christian faith. When there are substantial numbers of people who actually believe in the traditional definition of marriage, I am one of them. It doesn't mean I don't think other people can do whatever they want to do. But I don't believe they have the right force their way of life upon everybody else, nor would I try to force my way of life on everybody else," he said.

Carson said lawmakers must make the effort to ensure the rights of all Americans are protected. 

In the video above, see Carson's take on his surge in the polls and a recent column that argues race is behind his campaign's momentum.

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