In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly said President Obama's foreign policy, which has resulted in a dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran and Europe's refugee crisis, will have drastic consequences for the world.

O'Reilly noted a Pew poll released Tuesday that revealed 21 percent of people approve of Obama's Iran nuke deal, 49 percent disapprove and 30 percent don't know.

He said the reason for those numbers is that there's nothing in the deal for the U.S. and our allies, outside of avoiding war down the road.

"The whole fiasco shines a spotlight on President Obama's foreign policy, which is a disaster," O'Reilly said.

"The Factor" host pointed to the refugee crisis in Europe, as millions of people flee the violence in the Middle East and Africa.

"This is happening because the United States and Western Europe retreated from the Middle East," O'Reilly stated. "Once President Obama removed all American forces from Iraq, ISIS moved in and chaos broke out."

"The jihad, on the march. The Obama administration and the other Western powers have no idea how to deal with it. And the world is suffering drastic consequences."

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