A Wisconsin baby was sent to the ICU after accidentally drinking vodka, police say.

Police say the infant’s mom mistook the vodka for water and then used it to mix the 1-month-old girl’s formula. Authorities say the mom had filled a container with water, but that the baby’s father poured it out and replaced it with vodka.

The Associated Press reported:

The 20-year-old mother told officers she didn't know that the baby's father had emptied a water bottle that was in the kitchen and filled it with vodka before she used it to mix baby's formula Monday evening. She was pushing the girl in a stroller when she noticed the baby was acting abnormally. The child's hands and toes were red, her eyes were partially closed and one of her legs was shaking.

The child was sent to the ICU with a BAC of .294. Her condition is not yet known.

Fox6Now.com reported that the baby’s dad was arrested after an argument about the vodka, but that there are no details yet about potential charges against him.

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