In a best-selling book, pastor Don Piper told the story of his near-death experience and trip to heaven after a horrific car accident. 

Now, the incredible story has been turned into a movie, "90 Minutes in Heaven," which will be released on Friday.

In 1989, Piper was on his way home from a rural East Texas church when an 18-wheeler crossed the center line and slammed directly into Piper’s vehicle.

Piper was declared dead at the scene by four paramedics and spent 90 minutes with a tarp covering his lifeless body.

During that time, Piper believes he experienced heaven before he suddenly regained consciousness.

A fellow pastor had stopped his car at the crash scene, got out and started praying with his hand on Piper's shoulder. 

"As he was singing a hymn 90 minutes after the accident, I started singing the hymn with him," Piper said.

Piper said the pastor later told him that God directed him to pray for "the man in the red car" as he drove by.

Piper told Steve Doocy this morning that he remembers seeing colors he had never seen, smelling aromas he had never encountered and seeing the "brightest light." 

Piper said he remembers seeing his grandfather and an image of God above an illuminated city in the distance, calling heaven "the most awesome place ever."

The movie hits theaters this Friday, starring Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth. Check out the trailer below and the "Fox and Friends" interview above.