Two Texas high school football players could face assault charges after they appeared to intentionally go after a referee during a game.

In a video that has made national headlines in recent days, a John Jay High School safety appeared to run directly at the referee right after the play began.

He then hit the ref in the back with his shoulder, knocking him to the ground about 10-15 yards away from the action. The second safety ran in at the same time, spearing the referee with his helmet as he lay on the ground.

Both players were ejected from Friday night's game at Marble Falls High School. Police in Marble Falls say they're reviewing multiple videos of the play and will provide an update later this week on the investigation. 

Officials said Sunday that the players were suspended from the team and from school. The play occurred near the end of the game following John Jay players being ejected for previous misconduct.

After the incident, the referee expressed his desire to press charges against the players. 

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