Taya Kyle pushed back this morning against Jesse Ventura's repeated assertion that she will not have to pay after Ventura won a defamation lawsuit against her late husband.

The former Minnesota governor recently told High Times magazine that insurance companies will cover everything for the Kyle family. 

"They ain’t out one nickel. I’m out three-quarters of a million dollars. That’s what it cost me to go to court for three and a half years," he said, adding that Chris Kyle should not be viewed as a hero because he lied.

Kyle said on "Fox and Friends" that Ventura continues to say things about the case that are not true. 

"He said all sorts of things about me that aren’t true about money. I am on the hook for the money," she said, adding that she's infuriated by Ventura's "hypocrisy" in continuing to make false statements. 

"They started collections that were stopped on me. You're going to start collections on me for the money, but then get out and say I'm not on the hook?" she asked.

Since Chris Kyle's death more than two years ago, Ventura has been criticized for going forward with the defamation lawsuit, but he has maintained that insurance companies would pay the $1.8 million award.

A federal jury in Minnesota sided with Ventura last year, deciding that the decorated Navy SEAL sniper had libeled Ventura in his best-selling book.

Kyle wrote that he knocked out Ventura for saying that the Navy SEALs "deserve to lose a few." Ventura insisted that he was defamed because the incident never happened.

Watch the interview above and watch the Miss America pageant this weekend to see Taya as a judge.