Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said on "Hannity" tonight that the incarceration of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who was imprisoned for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, signals the beginning of a slippery slope of  Christianity being "criminalized."

Huckabee told Sean Hannity that our freedoms of religion and speech are on a collision course with changing cultural norms. 

"When an unelected judge puts an elected official in jail for doing the job that she has, which is following the only law that she has in front of her, it’s interesting to me that she’s incarcerated without bail," Huckabee said.

"I’ll tell you what’s coming, Sean. Next it’s going to be your pastor, the head of your Christian school. Who else is going to go to jail before this is over?" Huckabee wondered. "This is long from over. We have to stand up for what's right, what's free and what's constitutional."

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