Mark Steyn said on "Hannity" tonight that Hillary Clinton's "train wreck" presidential campaign is in trouble, and there is no doubt that she committed a crime with her private server and email.

"In 2008, the Democrats were told, 'Hillary is the heir presumptive. Let her get on with it and win the nomination.' And she loused it up. She defeated herself," Steyn said. "This time round, Joe Biden was told again, 'Hillary is the heir presumptive.' And she’s loused it up again. And the fact is, neither he nor any other Democrat should just sit around just watching this slow-motion train wreck."

Steyn said that Bill Clinton may have been able to get out of this situation, but he doesn't think Hillary will be able to. He explained that both Bill and Hillary are liars, but at least Bill lies in a charming way.

"The point is, Hillary, I think, would possibly have a sporting chance of surviving this if there was any good side to her campaign, but everything about her campaign is tone deaf."

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