Just 24 hours after she told The Associated Press that she had nothing to apologize for, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said she is "sorry" for using a private email server.

"That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility. And I'm trying to be as transparent as I possibly can," Clinton said to ABC News' David Muir in an interview set to air Tuesday evening.

Dana Perino pointed out on "The Five" that Clinton's explanations for the server have changed and evolved over time.

"Maybe their strategy is to confuse everybody so much that nobody can remember how this all began," Perino suggested.

Kimberly Guilfoyle noted Carly Fiorina's comments on Fox News Sunday that Clinton has been deceitful and we shouldn't allow her to become president.

"That's the most sense I've heard all day," Guilfoyle remarked.

Juan Williams argued this shouldn't be enough to disqualify Clinton in the 2016 race, but he acknowledged that she didn't put sufficient emphasis on national security and she definitely didn't follow the rules.

Watch more from "The Five" above.

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