On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill class that teaches 9/11 from the terrorists' perspective, portraying them as "freedom fighters" driven by U.S. imperialism.

"Most students know: To get an "A" in any class these days, just recite these 4 words, 'It's all our fault,'" Gutfeld said. "Fact is, most curricula thrives under a phony guise of open-mindedness - a farce, for we often see competing points of view denied the chance to speak on campus."

He asserted that college professors typically blame all violence on previous violence.

"But terror as a consequence of our actions inevitably turns into a game of what causes what first, a game you can play all the way back to the Big Bang," Gutfeld said.

"So if you're a parent paying small fortunes for junior's school, take a peek at the syllabus, if only to prepare you for the horrible opinions come Thanksgiving Dinner."

Watch more above.

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