Donald Trump, who will attend a rally tomorrow to oppose the nuclear agreement with Iran, told Bill O'Reilly tonight that the deal is one of the most incompetently drawn contracts he's ever seen.

Trump said the U.S. should have doubled down on the sanctions on Iran, in order to negotiate from a position of strength and strike a much better, stronger deal.

"We're getting nothing from this deal," Trump stated. "It's absolutely a disgraceful deal. It's an embarrassment to our country."

He added that Iran should have released the five Americans detained in their country before negotiations even started, as a sign of good faith.

"This deal is incomprehensible. It should have never been made," Trump said, promising that if he's elected president, he will renegotiate the agreement and make it much better for the U.S. and our allies.

"That deal is a disgrace. It should have never been allowed. And how Obama got away with it is beyond anybody's comprehension."

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