A Washington state homeowner says a very brazen crook moved into his house and proceeded to sell his appliances on Craigslist. 

Ed Saurs had recently placed his home on the market. When he went back to the house over the weekend to meet with a realtor, he was greeted by someone who had arrived to buy a microwave that was listed online. 

Saurs told the man he wasn't selling anything and when he went inside, he saw that his washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, TV and a mattress were gone.

As he realized what had just happened, Saurs said he heard footsteps and then saw a man running through his backyard away from the house. 

A neighbor's surveillance camera captured the image above and police are still looking for him.

Saurs said the personal violation made him more upset than the valuable appliances he lost. 

"The fact that somebody would come in and take over like that, and blatantly live in my house and have a yard sale right out of my front door."

Saurs and his wife have lived in the house for 25 years in Puyallup, but recently moved to Olympia.

Saurs said his 84-year-old father was staying in the house shortly before the crook showed up. 

Watch Heather Childers' report above.