Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn joined Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" to weigh in on the disturbing increases in anti-police rhetoric and targeting of law enforcement officers.

Ramsey, who was recently shouted down by Black Lives Matter protesters while he was trying to discuss police-community relations, said that such demonstrations are counterproductive.

"I think it’s ignorant to do things like that," Ramsey said. "But I also think that the people that are serious in this movement are missing an opportunity to really make a difference."

He explained that the activists who make a scene at an event and then walk out are hurting their cause, because they're not leaving any opportunity for a productive dialogue.

He added that there are a number of issues driving crime and violence in the country, and it's not just about policing.

"If they want to really deal with the issue of black lives and the number of homicides that take place, then you have to look at the crime that takes place on the streets of our cities, black-on-black crime," Ramsey said. "If you don’t address that, if you don’t address the drivers of crime, then this is just going to not result in anything at all positive."

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