The NYPD said a New York City high school teacher was arrested Thursday night for flying a drone into a U.S. Open stadium during a match. 

The drone landed in an empty section of seats at Louis Armstrong Stadium near the end of Flavia Pennetta's second round victory over Monica Niculescu.

You could just barely see the device fly in on ESPN's footage.

Daniel Verley, 26, now faces charges of reckless endangerment and operating a drone in a New York City public park outside of prescribed area.

AP reported:

Pennetta said she heard the drone fly by and was not sure what it was.

Her initial reaction, she said afterward, was that it might have been a bomb.

"A little bit scary, I have to say," Pennetta said.

"With everything going on in the world ... I thought, 'OK, it's over.' That's how things happen," she said.

She said neither the chair umpire nor tournament officials told her that it was, indeed, a drone.

The match was halted briefly while authorities investigated. 

Pennetta said it's troubling that, given all of the enhanced security measures at the tournament, that a drone could fly right onto one of the courts.