A U.S. intelligence agency was aware during the summer that a collection of Hillary Clinton's emails was available for sale, but never gave its agents permission to obtain them, according to a bombshell Daily Mail report.

Daily Mail political editor David Martosko said on "The Kelly File" that the agency knew that an eastern European man was selling a cache of Hillary Clinton's private emails.

Martosko explained that the agency believes that the man could have gotten the emails from notorious Romanian hacker Marcel Lazăr Lehel, better known as "Guccifer," who got the emails by hacking longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal's email account in 2013.

"The real story from our point of view is that somebody in the Obama administration's intelligence apparatus had the opportunity to obtain these emails over the summer, and they passed on it," Martosko said. "Somebody said no. They didn't want at that point in time to risk casting Hillary Clinton in a bad light."

He said that decision might have been different if it was made today, due to Clinton's ongoing email scandal and growing questions about her trustworthiness.

Watch the "Kelly File" clip above.

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