Donald Trump announced Thursday that he has signed a GOP pledge not to run as an independent in the 2016 presidential election.

Greg Gutfeld explained on "The Five" today why he doesn't buy it.

Gutfeld said he's glad that Trump signed the pledge, since it should make him and the other candidates take the race more seriously.

Gutfeld pointed out, however, that the pledge is not a legally binding document, and pledges are often broken.

He added that a part of Trump's success has been that he doesn't sign deals without a plausible way out.

Gutfeld pointed out that the Washington Post wrote, "[Trump's] priority is to be treated with 'respect' by the national GOP. If that relationship should ever sour, he could consider changing his mind."

"In sum, the only good pledge is the kind that polishes your wood, or the kind that fetches you beer at a kegger."

Watch more above.

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