In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly said that the Republican Party is undergoing major changes.

He pointed out that the Real Clear Politics average of national polling has Donald Trump leading the GOP field with 27 percent and Ben Carson coming in second with 13 percent.

O'Reilly said that Trump has been able to tap into the anger many Americans feel about the direction the country is going in, particularly with his signature issue of illegal immigration.

"So standard politicians like Jeb Bush, for example, find themselves up against a man who has literally nothing to lose, who says pretty much anything he wants, taking no prisoners, rhetorically speaking," O'Reilly said. "Trump's posture has again changed the Republican Party."

He said that Ben Carson also speaks straight, but with a soft-spoken personality that is the polar opposite of Trump.

"The Factor" host said that Carson's entry into the race is problematic for liberal America, since the retired neurosurgeon is an African American who grew up fatherless in a tough Detroit neighborhood, and through hard work, went onto incredible success.

"The fact that so many Republicans admire Ben Carson completely trashes the far-left line that the GOP is a racist party," O'Reilly said.

"Summing up, the rise of Trump and Carson mean traditional Republican campaigning is over, probably for the best."

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