Dramatic video shows a steam explosion blasting a worker from a manhole in San Jose, Calif.

The incident happened back in September 2014 during work on the Valley Medical Center earthquake retrofit project, but county officials just released the video amid a fight with the contractor over safety concerns and pricey delays.

Luckily, the worker in the video was not hurt.

The San Jose Mercury News reported:

[County] officials, who on Friday accused San Jose contractor Turner Construction of breaching its contract with safety lapses and delays in its $300 million VMC earthquake retrofit and expansion project, said the video bolsters their case. They obtained it Monday afternoon and released it along with a series of communications they say show Turner has failed to offer a satisfactory accounting of the steam explosion -- which could have been fatal -- as well as project delays.

In an Aug. 28 notice-of-default letter to Turner Construction, the county wrote that the pipefitter "was lucky to be alive and unburned."

Turner officials have blamed the county for delays and defended the company's safety record.

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