Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret,) said this morning that despite continuing U.S. airstrikes, ISIS remains undeterred in Iraq and Syria. 

The CIA and U.S. Special Operations are now teaming up on a mission to take out senior ISIS leaders through drone strikes. 

A drone strike last week in Syria killed Junaid Hussain, a hacker from Britain who was serving as a top ISIS social media recruiter. 

Hussain was also believed to be a key figure in the CyberCaliphate, which infiltrated the Twitter and YouTube accounts of U.S. Central Command this year.

Peters said Hussain's death represents "incremental progress," adding that it's a positive step that the U.S. is doing more to go after ISIS.

But overall, he said the drone strategy is not going to be enough and its existence is evidence that the "vaunted" air campaign hasn't worked sufficiently to this point.

"You can't measure war out by the teaspoonful," he said, explaining that airstrikes have not deterred ISIS, except in the battle for Kobani, Syria. 

He said ISIS will win as long as the United States refuses to act with "maximum force," arguing that the Obama administration "attempts to get off as cheaply as possible" when it comes to military engagements. 

"The cardinal virtue geostrategically of a superpower is super power. If we are not willing to use that super power to the profoundly important and moral end of defeating and destroying the Islamic State, then why bother at all? When you buy cheap, you get cheap," said Peters.

Watch his analysis above from "America's Newsroom."