President Barack Obama has secured enough votes to block a veto override of the Iran nuclear deal.

Retiring Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski became the 34th senator to support the deal, which gave Obama the votes that he needed to stop GOP efforts to derail the plan.

"No deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the Iranian regime," she said in a statement. "I have concluded that this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the best option available to block Iran from having a nuclear bomb. For these reasons, I will vote in favor of this deal."

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) remarked on “America’s Newsroom” that there’s nothing binding about the deal.

If elected president, Rubio said he would re-impose and increase sanctions on Iran, and he pledged to back up sanctions with a credible threat of military force.

He also weighed in on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and more.

Watch Rubio's interview above.

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