Violent crimes are skyrocketing in 35 cities across the nation.

One city that has been plagued with homicides is Milwaukee, Wisc., where 104 people have been murdered this year, a 76-percent increase from a year ago.

Milwaukee Police Department Chief Edward Flynn said that there are a lot of theories as to why crime is on the rise, but that it’s too soon to do any research.

“What we do know is that we have a critical mass of armed, angry young men with criminal backgrounds who feel the need to use these firearms to redress personal grievances and to maintain their status in their peer community of fellow criminals,” he said. “That’s a real challenge for us. And currently, they seem to be undeterred by the criminal sanctions available to us.”

Flynn also sounded off on an anti-police sentiment across the nation.

“Every cop in America is looking over their shoulder right now,” he said. “I mean, there’s no doubt about it, they don’t believe America’s got their back. It’s almost as though the mainstream media, the network TV, has decided to try to discredit American policing by highlighting any video anywhere in America that shows any officer behaving badly, and we’re going to indict 900,000 cops that way. It’s absurd!”

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