As the Hillary Clinton email scandal continues to unfold, we're now learning that the former secretary of state sent and received emails on her private server that contained now-classified information.

The Clinton campaign maintains any classified information that was in her private emails was not classified at the time.

Weekly Standard senior writer Steve Hayes said on "America's Newsroom" this morning that these developments are a "big deal and should be treated as such" by the media.

Hayes emphasized two very important developments: 

"She created and sent classified information over her private, unsecured email system. ... And she solicited classified information from others to send to her through that same private, unsecured email system. That's indisputable at this point," said Hayes, calling out some media outlets for focusing on unimportant information from the emails, like ones about food or TV shows.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the issue is not "black and white," arguing that it's very difficult to look at her emails now and judge whether the information was classified.

Hayes called it a "disgrace" that the State Department is covering for Clinton, criticizing Toner for failing to answer straightforward questions about the emails.

He said the information was "indisputably classified" under a 2009 Obama executive order on handling information from foreign governments. 

Watch Hayes' full analysis above.