On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to columnist Jonathan Capehart and others suggesting that income inequality is the reason behind the murder wave that is sweeping across the country.

Gutfeld pointed out that even during the Great Recession, crime declined. He added that most experts believe violent crimes, unlike property crimes, are not linked to financial downturns, but quarrels, anger and jealousy, exacerbated by drugs and booze.

"Fact is, those committing acts of violence now are always the same creeps who were doing it before," Gutfeld said. "But this new mayhem isn't helped by a media that paints police as rogues preying upon a hapless community."

He said that this has emboldened criminals who see opportunity in a thin blue line under attack.

"This new death wave must rest on the heads of those who feel that character is too much to expect in an evil, racist America. The fact is, crime is going up because the will of our leaders is going down."

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