On "The Kelly File" tonight, Brit Hume reacted to Ben Carson's rising poll numbers and what Donald Trump is now saying about his fellow GOP contender.

A new Monmouth University poll released Monday showed Trump tied with Carson for first place in Iowa.

Hume said that Carson's impressive rise can be attributed to his strong performance at the Fox News GOP debate and also to the volatility of polls this early in the race.

"It's early. There will be a lot of this. And how this plays out is a long way from being decided," Hume said.

He added that despite that, Trump's new, somewhat critical comments about Carson are likely not coincidental.

"I think it’s a very difficult situation that he’d be placed in,” Trump said of Carson to The Daily Caller. "He’s really a friend of mine, I just think it’s a very difficult situation that he puts himself into, to have a doctor who wasn’t creating jobs and would have a nurse or maybe two nurses. It’s such a different world. I’ve created tens of thousands of jobs over the years."

Hume acknowledged those aren't particularly strong words - at least for Trump - but said it will be interesting to see how people who like Trump, Carson or both will react if Trump begins attacking Carson.

Watch the "Kelly File" clip above.

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