After a rule change, it appears that Carly Fiorina will be the 11th person on the stage in the upcoming GOP debate on CNN. 

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley said this afternoon that Fiorina has a big opportunity to become the "Goldilocks candidate" in the GOP field.

"Voters who might find Donald Trump too hot and Ben Carson a little too cool. Here's an opportunity for Carly Fiorina to shine as somebody who is just right in terms of temperament, depth of knowledge and experience," said Crowley, adding that poll numbers show that GOP voters want someone from outside the political establishment. 

Fiorina catapulted herself into the top tier of candidates after the late afternoon Fox News debate on August 6. 

Most analysts agreed that Fiorina was the clear winner and she's now running third in Iowa behind Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Crowley said there could be some "real fireworks" between Trump and Fiorina at the Sept. 16 debate.

Shannon Bream noted that Fiorina did take a few jabs at Trump in the first debate, even though they weren't on the same stage. 

Crowley said both candidates can throw a punch, take a punch and counter. 

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