New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) targeted Donald Trump and Jeb Bush this afternoon as the two candidates continue to go back and forth attacking each other's positions. 

Bush released a video highlighting some of Trump's past statements about agreeing with Democrats. Trump hit back with a few Instagram posts, calling out Bush's relationship with the Clintons and stance on illegal immigration.

Christie called on both to remember that the campaign is about the American people and the issues, not about their own "food fight."

He said Trump may be leading the polls now, but predicted that voters will turn on him if he continues with personal attacks. Christie also pointed out that Michele Bachmann was leading polls early in the 2012 GOP race.

Andrea Tantaros asked Christie how he is different than Bush as a candidate, noting that the governor served in the Bush administration and has former Bush staffers working on his campaign. 

Christie highlighted that he's gotten things done in New Jersey despite having to fight a Democrat legislature and vetoed more tax hikes than any previous U.S. governor.

"That's what people want a president to do with the Congress. Go down and whip that Congress into shape because even this Congress hasn't done what they promised to do," he said.

Christie said Bush had a "rubber stamp" GOP legislature while he served as Florida governor and has not been involved in a "campaign of any meaning since the turn of the century."

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