Carly Fiorina said on "Hannity" tonight that there's no doubt that she's among the Republican presidential front-runners, and she's excited that CNN amended the criteria for qualifying for the network's September 16 GOP debate.

Fiorina said that she takes great offense when people claim that she's only in the presidential race to get a vice presidential bid. On the "Laura Ingraham Show" today, she even dismissed such talk as "sexist."

"It would be different if all of the other candidates were asked that same question with the same regularity, but they're not," Fiorina said. "I'm the person who's asked that question over and over again. So one can only conclude that I'm getting asked that question because I'm a woman, which is disappointing."

She said that she senses that voters are looking for the most qualified candidate, man or woman, to be the next president, and she believes that is her.

Watch the "Hannity" interview above.

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