On "The O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos got heated while discussing illegal immigration and what role journalists like Ramos should have in the debate.

Ramos asserted that a border wall between the United States and Mexico is not the answer to illegal immigration.

Ramos, who recently confronted Donald Trump at a campaign event, pointed out that 40 percent of illegal immigrants come into the country legally and overstay their visas. He added that the border wall would cost $20 billion.

O'Reilly asked how Ramos can cover illegal immigration in an impartial way when he's a proponent of amnesty.

"I'm just a reporter," Ramos said.

"You're not. You're an activist!" O'Reilly replied. "Why don't you just become like me, a commentator? You're not a newsman anymore. You're an advocate now."

"I'm not criticizing you for your stand. I'm saying you're in the wrong job. Be a commentator."

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